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Nerdy Lolita

The Mystical Adventures of Inochii



Hi, My name is Sierra and I'm a lolita! I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pa and I love meeting other lolitas. I'm in college for Graphic Design. I love gaming and I play games of all sorts from First Person Shooters to Role Playing Games. I also like to collect games,comic books, nerdy memorabilia, and ball jointed dolls!

For awesome Photoshop brushes, pixel art, and other cute things check out:

I enjoy attending conventions, here is a short list of conventions I've been to, or want to go to in the future. (* tells how many times I've been)
-Toracon in Rochester NY ****
-UBcon in Buffalo NY *
-Anime North in Toronto Ontario, Canada
-New York Comic-Con in NYC
-Syracuse Heroes in Syracuse NY
-San Diego Comic-Con in San Diego, Ca *
-Blizzcon in Anaheim, Ca *
-GoGa Doll in San Fransisco, Ca
-Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, PA
-KuroKiiro Festival in Pittsburgh, PA *
-Colossalcon in Sandusky, OH
-Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA
I hope to be able to keep adding to the list in the future as well <3